I am a graphic designer and visual artist researching ways to create and share narratives reflecting mainly on internet subculture and politics.

Recently graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, I am currently working as a designer for alternative cultural centre WORM, the self-initiated political research platform Alt Reality Lexicon and focussing on performance and installation within the collective The Love Imams.

If you would like me to design, research, talk, workshop or collaborate with you on a project don't hesitate to contact me.

Alt Reality Lexicon
(still quite unstable, *backup* is here):
Alt Reality Lexicon – referata

The Love Imams
is an art, design and performance collective by theatre maker Kolijn Jagersma and visual artist and designer Pleun Gremmen. They combine their practices to create immersive installation performances making the spectator a participant.

digital media, moving image (animation, video), performance, installation, print (books, posters) and datavisualisation.

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REST (2017)

~ Do you ever wish you could just restart? Think that the pressure of the world is just too much to handle? What if you could reboot yourself? Everything is going to be okay, it's going to be great. Believe us, you'll feel great again. You need to stop worrying so much. ~
R.E.S.T., Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, is a multidisciplinary installation where universal tendencies of escapism find expressions in commodified REST.

After an interest in Sensory Deprivation Tanks for their ultimate commodified escapism and Vaporwave as an internet subculture with similar aesthetic escapist tendencies, I wanted to create an experience which merged these themes where the audience is a participant.

I collaborated with theatremaker and artist Kolijn Jagersma to create a performance installation with multiple rooms with video, performance and printed media. Kolijn took the role of dramaturg and producer and I was in charge of art direction: creating media, concept and all visual content.

The installation consists of a RESTing area complete with infomercials and quinoa to rest your feet in and a main area with a build-in third space. The build-in space was a 3x3x3m cube with projections on all sides.

~ Inside REST you will have a chance to fully come to REST while getting a glimpse of the world outside. What does it mean to escape for a while? What are the influences we would like to escape from every day? ~
If you would like to know more about this or other projects, don't hesitate to contact me.

REST was part of the program of the Museumnacht 010 2017 at WORM UBIK.

Concept: Pleun Gremmen & Kolijn Jagersma
Art direction: Pleun Gremmen
Dramaturgy: Kolijn Jagersma
Production: Britt van Niekerk & Kolijn Jagersma
Performers: Bente Vonk, Tijl Frijns, Dieuwke Jagersma, Roos Sparreboom, Pleun Gremmen & Kolijn Jagersma
Music: BÄSN
Clothes: Terror Kittens
Video: Noa Sakamoto
Photos: Max van Dongen

REST was performed during the one year anniversary of MONO, Rotterdam.

Concept: Pleun Gremmen & Kolijn Jagersma
Art direction: Pleun Gremmen
Dramaturgy: Kolijn Jagersma
Production: Kolijn Jagersma
Performers: Ronald Bal, Alexander Brouwer, Jannes Laven, Pleun Gremmen & Kolijn Jagersma
Music: MONO
Clothes: Terror Kittens
Video: Noa Sakamoto