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Hysteria Narratives (2020-2021-...)

"Almost prentending to be a film for scientific use, Hysteria Narratives by Pleun Gremmen is an immersion inside a dreamlike female human body, punctuated by the words of a hypothetical patients who complains of the symptoms of the desease described as hysteria. Four video reconstructions of explorations of female intestines with a tube retrace the history of hysteria and its exploitation to define the sexist intellectual, physical and moral inferiority of women."
- Metronom Gallery, Modena Italy, 2021
project: video, mp4, ~15 minutes, 1080x1920
concept, 3D animation, virtual world building, text: Pleun Gremmen
camera, editing and sound: Edith van den Elzen (2020 version)
narration: Lot van Teylingen (2020 version)
2020 version made in residence at the Internationales Frauen*Theater Festival, Frankfurt am Main at antagon theaterAKTion
tools: 3D animation, virtual world building, graphic design
Hysteria Narratives

A Revisited Story of Decline (2019)

An animated story about far right ideology that tries to strike a balance between gaining some much needed knowledge about and creating unwanted propaganda for this fringe internet culture.
project: three synchronized screens showing three perspectives, mp4, ~13 minutes, 1920x1080.
1: an animated look into the ideology of the online far-right, from radicalization to action.
2: selected content written by Brenton Tarrent, the terrorist who killed 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2019.
3: my own perspective, my comments and collected definitions of terms mentioned in the other two screens, taken from my publication Alt Reality Lexicon.
film: Pleun Gremmen
narration: Alexander Brouwer
score: Matthijs van der Wilt, Thomas James Scholte
sound assistance: Sjoerd van Kampen
curated: Iris Sikking
special thanks to: Delphine Bedel, Leslie Robbins, Eline Benjaminsen & Djuna Couvee
tools: 3D animation, virtual world building, graphic design


Alt Reality Lexicon (2018)

Every key point in the ideology of the online far right is mirrored in their expressions, their aesthetic, behavior and in their vocabulary. To gain a deeper understanding of the views of the online far-right it is key to be able to understand their language.
project: a mediawiki and a printed publication both acting as a lexicon, http://altrealitylexicon.xyz/, book size ~A5, 221 pages
website, mediawiki help: Michael Murtaugh
Piet Zwart Institute guidance: Steve Rushton, Marloes de Valk & Aymeric Mansoux. design tutor Piet Zwart Institute & collection editor: Delphine Bedel
book text editor: Djuna Couvee
tools: coding, writing, graphic design

R.E.S.T. (2017)

~ Do you ever wish you could just restart? Think that the pressure of the world is just too much to handle? What if you could reboot yourself? Everything is going to be okay, it's going to be great. Believe us, you'll feel great again. You need to stop worrying so much. ~

R.E.S.T., Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, is a multidisciplinary installation where universal tendencies of escapism find expressions in commodified REST.
project: an installation in which 5-10 performers interact with the audience based on a loosely created script. In the center of the space is a 3x3x3 meter box with projections on all 4 sides. In the space around their are different media sharing information and related content: 8 banners and 3 old TV monitors.
concept: Pleun Gremmen & Kolijn Jagersma
art direction: Pleun Gremmen
dramaturgy: Kolijn Jagersma
production: Britt van Niekerk & Kolijn Jagersma
performers: Bente Vonk, Tijl Frijns, Dieuwke Jagersma, Roos Sparreboom, Ronald Bal, Alexander Brouwer, Jannes Laven, Kolijn Jagersma & Pleun Gremmen
music: BÄSN, Sjoerd van Kampen
clothes: Terror Kittens
video: Noa Sakamoto
photos: Max van Dongen
tools: live performance, installation with animation, sound, graphic design